Good Instagram Caption Ideas

So obviously making and finding captions for Instagram can be a daunting task! here are some strategies to finding your own voice!

While i don’t mind if you use other people’s quotes, be sure to give credit if you do copy something; you wouldn’t steal someone’s photography so do the so do the respectful thing and share the source.

What are the best types of captions for instagram?

I’m going to give some of my own quotes below for you to copy and paste if that’s what you want to do! however here are my three top tips:

  1. Write your own but credit if you don’t’! – It’s always best to be original but if you do use someone else’s words, make sure it’s obvious they are not your own words. Make it clear by using “quotation marks” and crediting the writer.
  2. Speak from  humble experience, in a kind and thoughtful tone Nobody likes to be talked down to so write as if you’re providing commentary and opinions and not talking ‘at’ your followers.
    Consider what makes these two captions different: “It can be the simple smell of freshly cut grass that draws us from that deep place within our mind and out into the now” vs “Go smell the grass it will break you from your bad thoughts.” One allows the reader to consider the caption and the other is an extreme example but I hope you get the point.
  3. How to think of caption ideas! –  So my strategy is to communicate from a point of experience, using whatever photo I’m posting as inspiration. Imagine a photo of a wave in the ocean and say I am thinking about making changes in my life. Perhaps I recently saw a ted talk on making changes too. My caption would try to include references to all of them to make sense with the photo. My first attempt might be: “Like the waves have no home bouncing between the lands, so too I feel to grow and live I should join them on their journey”. Or alternatively, perhaps the photo evokes memories of the place the photograph was taken – perhaps the feelings it evoked on the day or something you learned about yourself while you were there.
  4.  Here are some of my Recent Examples that you can copy or use for inspiration, I like to have fun with my captions on Instagram.

|| Range || Boundaries are yours to set, don’t be afraid to expand your range.

|| Stop || Only when you stop are the true motions of our world revealed.

|| The Optimist || When he is needed the most, the Optimist took a day off.


I hope this helps inspire you to create your own captions for instagram,  and also reminded you to credit others if you use their quotes and captions! Instagram is an incredible place when you start reading the captions of those you follow; some really resonate and the images become secondary to the actual sentiment of the whole post.

If you find accounts with good captions I’d love to know about them, perhaps I can provide some links.  Drop me a DM on Instagram

 Secret Bonus tip with captions for Instagram:

If you are like me and are interested in the lives of the people you follow on Instagram and you read the captions for Instagram you will notice that a lot of the times you comment and reply is when you get asked a question or have an opinon on what is being posted  or discussed. So the bonus tip is organically and naturally try and add after your initial quote or caption a question or some of your own opinons this can make the process of writing more natural, easier to read and more fun to comment back and have a conversation.