Best time to post on Instagram in Australia

Sydney Australia New Years Eve

Short Answer: The best time to post on Instagram in Australia is 8-9pm Sydney Time, AEST , This is inline with other creators I speak to accounts ranging from 50k to 1.5M followers , all are posting at 8-9pm in Australia. The second most popular time that I see posting is 7am. If your trying

Photography Backup Workflow using GoodSync

A word of caution: Backing up is a very personal and important process, this is my strategy and approach, if you feel like any of the information is misleading please let me know so i can correct and update it. For a detailed understanding of how I came to this strategy please see the Post

Backup Advice from IT Professional now Photographer

TL/DR Version: You should be backing up and the best method is the one that you understand are comfortable in the backup and restore process. Why backup is important Everyone knows backups are important right! If you are a professional looking after client data its even more essential to be in a good habit of

The best professional photo editing app for android

I often get asked what is the best professional photo editing app for android. Honestly it was hard to give a single answer in the past, but as of now (2019) the clear winner is Lightroom CC. I’ll explain why below and list some other options, a mixture of paid and not paid. What makes

What is the difference between raw and jpeg?

What is the difference between a RAW and JPEG file? Simply put RAW files are “ALL” the information from the camera sensor saved into a large file. Shooting “JPG files only ” is using that RAW data in camera to process a JPG photo then throwing away all the other information the camera collected from

How do I learn photography?

What do I need to know about photography? Photography 99.9: Before you start! After you make the decision to learn photography it can be hard to know “What do I need to learn in photography?” The main thing you need before you start learning photography is a high level overview! Learning photography is not a