Sony A7RIII bulb workaround for Vello Shutterboss II RC-S2II

by | Jun 17, 2018 | HowTo, Photography


If your reading this you like me may have previouilsy owned an A7RII (R2) and been using the Vello Shutterboss II RC-S2II (I think the S means Sony Connector).

The problem when using this on the A7RIII (R3) is that everything functions as normal except the BULB main trigger which will not fire the camera and let you hold it.

This is a big problem when trying to do exposures longer than 30 seconds and removes one of the CORE reasons to have a wired trigger and that is it still works when there are no batteries.

After a recent trip to the USA where i couldn’t get it working I managed to find a sneaky workaround which solves the problem for me.

The workaround:

Simply put the camera into bulb like your normally would, and then change drive mode from single shot to enable 2 second timer. Now the Bulb trigger on the controller will work but will add 2 seconds delay then fire.

I have created a video demonstrating that and will link it here: when uploaded to youtube.

Video: Shutterboss II bulb button workaround for Sony A7RIII

So now when you press the button it will start the 2 second timer then release the camera. Make sure you add this 2 seconds if you needs to release over a specific time.

Also take this extra delay into consideration if your trying time an event.I’m not sure why this is a probelm but i’m very happy to have a workaround for this so i don’t need to buy a new release.




I did test this without a battery to ensure it works, I don’t wany any of my gear becomming dead weight , so one of the benifits here is that this will let camera work.

If your are like me and forget to mount batteries backwards when travelling you might find controller has turned itself on and set some settings, holding the power and lock/light button will reset the settings this is a faster way than going in and Zero out all the settings.


I hope you found this useful, if you want to see any if the images I created in the USA head over to my instagram

Hope this saves someone else some time and money and a more productive trip than I had 🙂



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